My name is Yael Nevo, I am a women's human rights advocate and researcher, my passion is to be a part of a meaningful paradigm shift towards a world where women and feminine values receives the place they very rightfully deserve. Oh, and traveling... ah!... the open road.

1) Would you call yourself a mover? why? 

Yes. I am definitely a mover. I find myself dancing to music in my head, even on the street - small gestures, that (I think) no one can really see. I also picture choreographies in my head, or bits of dance performances I have seen. To me, movement, dancing, is a very pure form of expression since it (on a good day) doesn't require thought. I find it very liberating and beautiful, to act as well as to watch. I have been dancing ever since I was very young and was actually on a professional path until I was 14. Then I had my first back operation. That experience, and the second surgery I had at the age of 17, had created a divide between my feelings and my body, or the way I was able to express them. Luckily, for the past few years, I was able to reconnect to my body through therapy and a dance method called Gaga, and to start dancing again.

2) Could you describe a visceral memory?

The last experience that has left a deep impact on my body was twisting my ankle a few months ago, and though I feel much better now, I am still not completely healed. I know for a fact that the reason that happened was because I was not paying attention to my body. I was very occupied in a craving to be in a different place, rather than where I actually was. I was tired, drunk and angry and had visions of retuning to London, while walking that Boston street that particular night. And yet, this understanding did not rid me of the trauma, the memory of the pain at the moment of injury, which comes back to me every now and then, especially while walking. It's a physical reaction which makes my insides turn - a fear of repetition, a non-rational need to avoid this pain again. I still walk very carefully, and crave for the freedom I knew before the injury.

3) If you could do absolutely anything with your body or were given a special physical ability what would it be?

Although I am able to be thankful for my back condition, and very clearly see the many benefits I have gained from it throughout my life, I would give anything to get rid of the pain and limitations I experience every single minute of my waking life. Mostly so I can have the freedom to dance the way I see it in my head.

4) What physical quality do you think people identify you by?

Would 'openness' be a physical quality? i have been told I can dance to anything. My interpretation of that would be, that my body contains the ability to relate to many different conflicting and changing ideas and be able to communicate them.